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911 1971 Main ground


Vehicle Information: Model: 911T; Year: 1971; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.2 PMO carbs; Total Mileage: 88,500;

Sorry to bother you guys again...My car has had serious electrical problems from the bat. My 911's main ground from the engine to the trans. has broken off (and has been driven like this by the previous owner for god knows how long). I cleaned the old areas and replaced it with a new #10 ground but it still isn't grounded. Even worse nothing in my engine compartment seams to be grounded. The only place it seams to have a ground is by the battery. My floors have been patched and need replacing, do you think that is why the car won't ground? Nonetheless this is beyond me...I need to take the car to someone who is good with electrical work on 911's. Is there anyone in the club in my area who can help me out for a reasonable rate? I am a college student so its kinda hard to scrap up $125 and hour labor at inskip. I don't mind paying someone what they want but inskip is just alittle high $$ for me. Can you direct me to a good garage or someone in my area who would be willing to work on it?

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