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911 1973 strange heat problem


Vehicle Information: Model: 911t targa; Year: 1973; Body Type: Targa; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.4; Total Mileage: 10000;

I have a 73 porsche targa which I save out of a junk yard about 8years ago. I completely restored, did all the upholstery myself, didall the rewiring, new dash, restored the gauges and had it painted. Ipulled the engine, sent the case out to Gus in California, had themechanical fuel refurbished and put it all back together about threeyears ago. Also new exhaust and chain tensioners. New fuel pump aswell. Cleaned the fuel tank, new fuel lines, brakes, shocks, etc-everything..My problem has been, since I first started it, that after running atidel for about 50-75 minutes, it begings to sputter and finally kickoff. It then will not start until it cools down. I notice that oneside, the driver side, fender in back was getting hot-hotter then theother side.I replaced the fuel hose with a clear hose where it enter the MFI,and as I suspected, after about 50 minutes, I began to notice airbubles appearing in the hose- they started small, then got biggeruntil the car cut off. I dropped the fuel pump and let it hang,covering it with some insulating material. Same thing happens.I sort of sure it being caused by the heat, but don't know why or howto solve it. Maybe it is due to the sheet metal around the jugs,which I cut in a manner suggested by one of the books I have.So why is it hot- and is this the cause of my problem?Since I have not been sucessful at solving this- I have not doneanything on the car for about three years (also had a little cancerto deal with) But now I ready to attack it again. Anyone have anygood ideas?????Appreciate any help-Jose

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