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911 1973 What are the best wheels?

Vehicle Information: Model: 911 T; Year: 1973; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.2L carbs; Total Mileage: 102k;

I have a 1973+1/2 car - the PO rolled the fender lips already. I have the following 15" Fuchs on it:F - 6" p/n 911.361.020.10R - 7" p/n 911.361.020.41I see no paint bubbling, but can feel where the LR tire has scraped the undercoat in the fender well.Are these the best wheels for my car (I will not put on big flares)? I am about to get them poished and painted but won't do that if I would be better off with some other kind of Fuchs.I notice that the '75 I used to have had 6" Fuchs that had a different p/n -- not sure what that means.Also, what is the big deal with the R wheels? Can you run wider tires than on the rear wheels I have now?Thanks!

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