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911 1974 backdating


Vehicle Information: Model: 911; Year: 1976; Body Type: Targa; Total Mileage: 85k;

I am considering backdating the car...why? Well I do body work and enjoy the 73 and earlier bodies. My 2 questions relate to the front bulkhead and the rear valence panels. In the front, the change from 73-74 resulted in moving the front bulkhead backward so that the earlier hood will not line up with the latch. My options are to cut and move the bulkhead forward to try to line things up, access a 73 bulkhead and try to line it up, or simply ingnore the latch and use external rubber straps...suggestions? Next, the rear valence panel behind the rear center reflector has a "step" which allows the rear reflector to be attached. To use the earlier license panel, it appears that I need to remove that "step" for the area to be recessed as it was on the 73 and earlier cars. This will also allow me to use the rear bumpers. It does not appear to be structural, nor complicated to remove...suggestions? Obviously, as I have done away with the rear bumper, I now have no license plate light...should that be retro fitted to the rear most edge of the now "overhanging" engine lid? Thanks for your help.

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