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911 1974 Winter Storage


Vehicle Information: Model: 911S; Year: 1977; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 91,500;

I recently bought a 1977 911S Coupe with a 2.7 engine that resembles a 930. It has 91,500 miles and the whole engine and tranny was rebuilt at 78,000 miles. I live in central New York state and just joined the CNYPCA, and since this car has never seen either rain or snow in twenty years before me - I don't intend to let it see the elements, and only drive it on nice days. Because this is my first and only sports car, what are the proper ways to store it for the winter? Stabil in the fuel tank and tank full at all times? Stored in a semi-heated or cold garage is best? Raise the car on blocks to save the tires? Continue to run the engine every couple of days to keep everything in shipshape condition - because it seems to need more cranks of the engine after it sits longer than one week between startings (Is this normal?)? It seems to start easier when it has sat no longer than three days. I would appreciate any information regarding the proper procedures for winter storage. Please advise asap because the first few snowflakes were flying in the air today (Friday)and by Monday, we are supposed to receive our first snow of the season. Thank you very much. Tim in Upstate NY

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