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911 hard to restart


Vehicle Information: Model: Targa 911T; Year: 1973; Body Type: Targa; Engine (type, size, modifications): engine case 2.7 Euro Nikosil piston/cylinder set?; Total Mileage: 21,000;

Ed Mayo thanks for your responce. I think that I have carbs on the engine. I have change the spark plugs. Does that indicate that it is not fuel injected(plugs)? How can I tell for sure? Anyway I would like to get this problem fixed so I can be able to join on some of the gathering that the PCA has around the Chicago Region. I am afraid of driving my car because of the dependablity. I would really like to find a good mechcanic that knows about these things. Any suggestions? I look forward in getting involved on some of the events the PCA offers. Thank you very much in advance. This car was built by Scott Bonnett for John & Avis Bonnett I see Johns name on the mag once in awhile, I'm not sure if that is the same person. Thanks again

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