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Vehicle Information: Model: 996 c2 ; Year: 2001; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 35,000;

Forgive the inherently dumb question, but I remain baffled by the amount of questions you get about changing what I have always regarded as the best automobiles available. I know that there is an inate human desire to change things from what they were to something more individual, more custom, but given the number of queries you get about all sorts of mods, I do wonder why so many owners are apparently so unhappy with their Porsches. I can see changing things like seat covers or audio systems, but the constant tinkering, and associated risk of voiding warrantees, etc, seems childish..reminding me of when in high school, we took apart the parent's car and left odds and ends on the garage floor after "reassembly." Any thoughts on why this continues with cars that cost $100K or more?

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