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912 / 912 E Comfort


Vehicle Information: Model: 912; Year: 1969; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): stock; Total Mileage: 200+;

I guess I am old school at heart. For the most part I subscribe to the idea that most of the great cars were pre 1972 when the smog regulations started in earnest. Last week I drove a 1976 912E for the first time and was totally blown away by the difference in comfort level(from my '69). The cabin feels much more spacious,seating is much lower and the elbow room with two aboard is much better.Jake Raby calls the 912E the ultimate touring car and now I understand his infatuation. These cars are now ready to become smog exempt here in California and seem to be modestly priced. Are maintenance costs any better / worse than their older brothers when used as a daily driver ?

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