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912 maximum diameter tire size

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Vehicle Information: Model: 912 ; Year: 1969; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): Rebuilt to 1,750 c.c., electronic ignition, full-flow oil, etc.; Total Mileage: None on new engine;

My almost completely rebuilt 4 speed 912 is a "highway cruiser". No racing, Autocross, etc. Most of my driving will be recreational in SoCal, AZ and NV desert roads and highways.What tire size I can safely use which will give me the fewest engine revs per mile and act, in effect, as "overdrive" in top gear?Please consider my now larger engine displacement, enlarged Solex carbs, electronic ignition, Bursch exhaust, large external oil cooler beneath the lid grill (with thermocoupler/fan) and a full flow oil system.I don't mind driving in town or elsewhere in 2nd or 3d gear to keep engine revs up in a proper range for power and engine/oil cooling.

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