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912E. carburetors versus fuel injection

Fuel Injection & Carbs

Vehicle Information: Model (914/4, 914/6): 914/4; Year: 1976; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2 litre FI converted to Weber Carbs; Total Mileage: 200,000;

I've jujst bought a 912E from a classic car dealer. Prior to sale the engine was rebuilt (top end only) and the FI system was converted to Weber carbs. Probably a kit. Has four black hoses delivering fuel, and I have seen this kit advertised in the catalogues.The seller said the original FI did not give the car any pep and the carbs were better.Now that I have the car and am learning about it I understand others feel differently.My experience: I am not an expert but the car seems to run well. It is not fussy. Moves well in all gears at all rpms. I would not say it is fast but it is not slow either.The comment was made by a local mechanic that the carburetors were running very rich. The further comments was, "That's what they do." I took this to be a derogatory.I do not know enough to evaluate what is being said to me. Should I try to go back to the FI system. Are the Webers okay? What does running "too rich" do? Can it be fixed. Whatever it does can it be fixed. I note the distributor has a vacume advance which is now disconnected. Is that an issue?If I stay with the Webers is this kit okay? I note there is another that is more expensive, about $1,100. Would that be better? Or solve any problems. Is the hose arrangement okay -- assuming the carburetor set up itself is okay?lAre tIf it would be easier for me to call I would be happy to do so. I need to know which way to go. Thankyou in advance.Chris Wye

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