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912E dipstick


Vehicle Information: Model: 912e; Year: 1976; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): type4, none; Total Mileage: 50K;

The manual says 3.7 quarts when changing oil and filter but my dipstick showed that 3 quarts filled the crankcase. I got a dipstick with a temperature gauge from Mainely Custom for Christmas that has the low mark where my original dipstick has the high mark and the high mark agrees with 3.7 quarts being a full crankcase. It seems that my original dipstick was mis-marked. Do you know the correct measurement for the low and high fill marks from the tip or are you aware that there was a dipstick problem that was just never corrected in my car? Both dipsticks are the same length from the tip to the cap.

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