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914-6 1970 ignition/tach


Vehicle Information: Model (914/4, 914/6): 914/6; Year: 1970; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.2S, early Solex cams, timeserted and windaged case; Total Mileage: 48k;

The CD ignition box on my (non-stock when purchased) 914-6 went out. I chose to replace it with an aftermarket hotter-spark ignition system. In order to retain the use of the tach, I defeated the multiple spark function and attached the tach wire to the + terminal of the new coil. After driving the car for about 100 miles, the engine quit. After checking EVERYTHING, I disconnected the tach wire from the coil and the car started. I called the manufacturer of the ignition and they told me that the input to their coil, from the ignition box, is around 400V. Is it possible to easily check to see if the tach is fried? If it is fried, is there is good place to send it to get it fixed? Is there some way to retain the operation of the tach when using a high-voltage ignition system? Thank you! (P.S. Not to be printed, if you choose to print my question: the ignition system is a Crane Fireball HI-6 with a PS92 coil.)

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