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914 Bleeding brakes

  • 1976
  • 914 2.0
37 500

I have a question about bleeding rear brakes.

I have a new to me 1976 914 2L. The car sat for many years prior to a cosmetic refurb and my purchase.

When I got the car the brakes barely worked, although there was pedal pressure.

I replaced all rotors and purchased rebuilt calipers from PMB performance. Upon installing the parts I attempted to bleed the system.

The RR caliper would not bleed, little fluid would come out, using the pushing the brake pedal method and a bleed bottle with a check valve. I continued and bled the LR, RF and LF calipers with no issue. Air came out and then fluid with no air.

Assuming the RR rubber hose had collapsed I replaced it. Some fluid would come out but I still could not get pedal pressure, it goes to the floor. If you pump the pedal fast enough, some pressure builds but soon disappates.

I switched to a Motive pressure bleeder pumped up to 15 psi. Same result, LR, RF and LF calipers all bleed fine, RR has some fluid that comes out but still no pedal pressure. There are no visible leaks when the system (all bleed screws are shut) is closed and the pedal pumped.

Question:  Is there a failure mode of the master cylinder where there are no visible fluid leaks but the pedal force is non existant?




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