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914 Running Rich

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Vehicle Information: Model (914/4, 914/6): 914/4; Year: 1972; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.0L; Total Mileage: ?;

Thanks again for your help last spring. I followed most of your advice. I rebuilt my 2.0L with FAT cams, but decided on 96mm pistons to replace my 94's (bumping displacement about 100cc to 2.05L). At the same time I replaced the fuel pump, and starter (I put in a "high torque" unit after my stock one failed).Once everything got back together, it started and ran fine - with one big exception. It refuses to start warm. The fuel injection floods the enigine whenever the engine is hot (shut off recently). I took OUT the factory head-temperature resistor, which helped some. I have also tested both the temperature sensors (head and intake), and they appear fine (resistance appears correct, and wiring harness is good). I have unplugged the cold-start injector, so I know that is not the problem.The car may be starting rich cold also, but I don't really get an indication that it is (with outside temps in the 30's here, a rich cold-start may not be noticable). However, warm, it floods so bad, the only way I can start it is to remove the fuel pump fuse. After cranking it over a few times it starts, and runs a few seconds on the left over fuel. Then I can start it after it has cooled a little. I can't find any reference to the adjustment on the top of the FI computer. I have turned it a couple clicks to the right (clockwise) to get the engine to stop hunting at idle. It now sits about 4 clicks off full-clockwise. Could this be part of the problem?Also, I am wordering if the high torque starter could be causing problems - since the engine cranks a little bit slower. If it isn't creating enough vaccuum, the pressure sensor may think the throttle is open, and add too much fuel. In addition, the installation instructions for the starter said something about a "cold start" wire on the 914's. I only have 3 connections on the starter - the battery, the voltage regulator, and the ignition switch. Should there be another?Any thought you have would be appreciated.

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