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914 shifting problems:


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I thoroughly enjoyed your article in the March 2000 edition of PANORAMA. I purchased a 71 914 about a year ago, and had a great time working on it and driving it last summer and fall. The previous owner installed a side shift linkage at some point. Right before I was ready to put it away for the winter, I started having great difficulty getting it into first gear. It seemed that the first couple of tries when starting out worked; but subsequent attempts as the car warmed up were very difficult or impossible. Sometimes I had to start out in second. I could usually still engage reverse. I have read the Pelican Parts article on shifter issues in which they discuss replacement of all the various bushings. Is there any way to determine if this is what is needed? That is, can you tell if there is too much play at the bushings, or is it just trial and error? They also mention an adjustment that requires putting the trans into reverse, and then pulling it down to first. Im not always sure Ill actually hit first based on my experiences last fallany thoughts on this procedure? In the Haynes manual, they also describe a shifter adjustment that sounds easier to me. Is this a good adjustment to try first? I am not afraid to do the work; but would like to try to narrow down the options.

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