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924T engine swap


Vehicle Information: Year: 1980; Engine (type, size, modifications): Stock engine; Total Mileage: 60,000+;

When I first purchased this 1980T there was a problem with the #2 cylinder as evidenced by a much lower compression and a severely oil fouled spark plug. There was also bubbles in the coolant tank and copius amounts of blowby from the crankcase breather. All evidence of a bad cylinder. I haven't done a tear down, but suspicion a blown head gasket, cracked head, or cracked block. I believe the original engine would be too costly to repair, although the rest of the car is in great shape, no rust or wrecks, has the original flat turbo wheels in great shape and the interior is fair, a little faded but serviceable. My question, would it be possible to install a later 944 engine much like the 1987/1988, 924S? The transaxle is the model with reverse above first gear. As you probably know there isn't much market for the 1980 Turbos. If this were possible it would at least make the car useful.

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