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930 with 993 driveline?

  • 1981
  • 911 Turbo
74 000


So, I start this journey timid, full of question and doubt. I am looking to the PCA network for support and guidance where experience lends solution to obstacle.  

I am in possession of a 1981 European edition (ZZZ in the VIN) 930 Turbo coupe. Vehicle is a grey market example with very limited documentation. At some point someone removed the engine and transmission and set the car aside. Vehicle is a roller with a complete body and interior (minus a couple small affects and passenger door console) Repainted several times but the production color is I believe a copper variant. 

The vehicle appears to be straight and the body is original with steel fenders and glass. Floor is two mallet whacks away from perfect. 

At the same time and by no coincidence I am in possession of an ODB 1 993 3.6 VarioRam engine. 

I intend on taking this car to bare metal and rebuilding as an outlaw style factory “CUSTOM”. All Porsche parts where possible fully upgraded with 993 oil tank/cooling and air conditioning systems. Plan on a standard grille on a simple decklid - no turbo tail... 

I need help with the following: 

  • What system parts from a 993 will fit in the 930 body? 

  • Oil tank? What are the options 

  • Oil cooler – do I need two, one in each fender? 

  • How can I beef up the air conditioning? 

  • Coil-over suspension conversion – what is the most used system? I think this makes way for the larger bellhousing G50 with the torsion bars out of the way – maybe? 

  • Should I use the short bell housing (G50/01 or alike)? 

  • Who is the trusted source besides Patrick Motorsports? If any? 

  • I need a good and fast body shop in the Houston TX area (200mi radius) with Porsche knowledge 

  • Does anyone sell refurbished or new wiring harnesses? For either the 930 or 964 platform? 


I look forward to the responses. 


Robert F. 

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