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930 quits running after 10-15 minutes

  • 1986
  • 911 Turbo
72 000

Bought my 930 five years ago with 67,000. It has been 100% reliable up until last year. It has original engine that has not been rebuilt. First sign that there was a problem, was while driving there would be an occasional bump on the tach of 1-2k RPM, but not the engine. Never pursued that problem, and it may not be related to my current issue. Last fall while driving and at about 10 minutes in when the car hit running temp, the car simply quit. Would not restart. After complete cooling for about 1-2 hours, it fired right back up. Good for another 10 minutes until the same thing occurred again. We replaced the two relays and fuel pumps. Problem persists, as does the tach surge. Clearly the problem is heat related. When cold this car always fires up immediately.

Thanks for any thoughts on this 930 gremlin.

Bob Carlson

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