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944 8 Valve Hydraulic Lifter Testing

  • 1987
  • 944

I'm working again on my 87 944 N/A. I have noticed for awhile that i'm getting top end chatter at startup but still chatter at warm up, diffenent sounds but chatter nonetheless. I suppect and listens to the top end at the number 2 cylinder and it sound like my lifter. Pulled the cam tower and the lifter in number 4 bore and numer 6 bore are soft. Currently i.m soaking both in solvant to get is i can free the check valve. My question is shouldn't i be able to soak the lifters in oil and pump the piston to get it to harden back up? If they don't harden. Could they be bad and need replacing. Also i have read that good lifters can be pushed in slightly about 5lbs pressure. Is that correct.

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