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944 Rear Carpet - Removing Gasoline Smell

  • 1989
  • 944 S2
134 789
North Carolina

Yes, I picked up a 944 S2 a year ago and have been slowing fixing bits and pieces.  One of the biggest items fixed was several fuel leaks that created a significant smell of gas in the cabin.  I've replaced the gas tank, charcoal canister, multiple fuel lines, regulator, fuel pump gasket, etc.  The car has been smoked, pressure is good and there are now no leaks.  Wonderful! 

With that said, the car has its original carpet and I would like to keep it that way.  The only issue now is that the foam backing the carpet smells like gas.  Those who own a 944 know that is not easy to find original carpet with the sound backing in good shape.  Very hard part to find and expensive.

Does anyone know how to clean the foam in a way that is safe so it doesn't degrade?  Help the carpet and foam get rid of the smell.  I've already had the car carpet cleaned - but the fuel smell is embedded in the foam.


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