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944 S2 Cab Electrical drain

  • 1991
  • 944 S2
91 000
North Carolina

My 944 S2 has an electrical drain. If I leave the car unattended a few days, the battery drains, I keep a trickle charger on it but woul dlike to solve the problem. I have an aftermarket radio installed otherwise all is stock. The car spent all its life in Boise Idaho before I puchased it so there is no rust or water damage. Given the condition of the rubber it ooks like it has (and is) garage kept.

I have had the car into both an independent repair shop and the Porshe delaer in Cary NC and both have tested the car and could not find a short or drain.  Very frustrating.

I have spent some amateur time myself going through the fuses and checking with a circuit tester to no avail.

Is it possible a relay or other electric component is failing - any thoughts would be welcome.



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