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944 S2 Intermittent No Start

  • 1989
  • 944 S2
60 000
pompano beach, 

2 Intermittant problems. My s2 starts and runs fine, but does not always re-start.Typically I'll drive the car, go to store, come out 10 minutes later and it won't restart....unless I pop the hood take out the DME relay, wait a few seconds, then re install. In most cases, I will then hear the 2-3 second buz of the fuel pump and it fires to life and runs fine. I have tried 3-4 different relays ,new and used including a new solid state relay. If I turn the car off then immediately re start it...It fires most of the time. If the car sits for an hour or more after running, it usually starts. I had a shop check it out and they replace with a OEM relay and also the Water Temp Sensor and Aux fan switch, (I was concerned thst the fans were not coming on when they should) and that seemed to help/work for about 6 monthes, but now it again has the intermittant hot start problem. Fans seem to run and the temp rarely goes above the 1/2 way mark on the guage.

Additionally, on 2 occasions, about 2 monthes apart the car has just stopped running while driving...It won't easily restart...lots of DME removal and / or push start. Acts like a car that ran out of gas.Not sure if the 2 problems are related, All connections seem tight, battery is about 2 years old. Any ideas on how to solve? another post had suggested a fuel pump check valve...Could that be the Problem?

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