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944 T surge at idle

  • 1989
  • 944 Turbo
64 000
New Mexico


My 944 Turbo has had a surging problem at idle between 1200 and 1800 RPM.  The surging continues at lower speed when I'm driving below 1800 RPM but runs perfectly above 1800 RPM.  In coasting down with the engine in 1st or 2nd gear there is a noticeable surge at below 1800 RPM.  The problem started after I applied an engine degreaser, allowing it to set overnight, and gently washing it off the next day (both times the engine was cold, not driven).  The problem was first noticed driving off when the engine was still cold and wet.  The car was  checked for a vacuum leak but none was found.  The next step proposed by my mechanic is to change out with a working air mass sensor.  Would you have any further suggestions relating to a throttle sensor, temp sensor, etc.?


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