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944 Turbo Mystery No Start or Shut-down from Idle

  • 1986
  • 944 Turbo
150 000

This car has been restored mechanically and electrically to 'as new' condition, and well maintained over the 16 years I have owned it.  When the engine was renewed/rebuilt, everything the master mechanic wanted to do was approved, including a new/complete wiring harness and related componets.  It now has a 'mild chip' which the mechanic said increased the horsepower, but he would not say by how much.  The car runs great, I love it and the results of the rebuild are well worth what it cost.  About 3 years ago, it began this  'mystery no start' problem, or shut-down from idle for no apparent reason.  I have replaced every relay, sensor, fuse, connectors (crankshaft sensors) that might be related, and some of them, like the DME, at least 3 times.  The car runs great, but the problem remains.  I have discovered that squeezing the top connector to the crankshaft sensor will almost always allow the engine to start.  I am thinking the electrical contact of the 3 pins may be less than perfect, so I used tie-wraps to squeeze the connector halves tightly together.  The intermittent problem remains.  I squeeze the connector and the engine starts again, so here is my question: if this is allowing the pins to make better contact, why would the engine not shut down when I pull on the connector halves, not apart, but enough to reverse the compression from the squeeze?  I am beginning to wonder if this is just superstitious behavior.  Thanks for your feedback.  

Chuck Diver

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