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944/968 Cabriolet Screw Plug

  • 1990
  • 944 S2 Cabriolet
78 000
Boones Mill, 

I am restoring my 1990 944 S2 cabriolet (VIN:  WPOCB2943LN481085). The interior windshield surround has several black screw hole filler plugs which are missing.

I have a reproduction of the Porsche 944 parts catalogue; the filler plug which is defined for the 944 cabriolet is part number 914.552.233.10.01C. I ordered #10 of these but they are incorrrect for the cabrilet- (they are correct for the interior windshield surround of my 1989 944 coupe).

I tried to have my local club member/Porsche mechanic help me with this and he spoke with a friend who works for Rick Hill Porsche (parts dept.) in Tennessee who came up with the same black plug which I had received- incorrect.

Here are the measurements:

part number 914-552.233.100.1C: 12mm exposed portion of filler plug (the exterior cap), 9mm base for the portion of the plug which fits in the screw hole;

one of the correct filler plugs remaining in my 944 S2 Cabriolet: 14 mm exposed portion (cap), 11mm base fitting in the screw hole on the    interior windshield surround.

Can you please help me with the correct part number for my 1990 944 S2 cabriolet "black screw filler plug/filler piece" for the interior windshield surround. Thank you !

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