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944S Idle Adjustment

  • 1988
  • 944S
200 000

My idle drops almost to stalling when I take my foot off the gas, then returns to about 900 rpm.  This sometimes gets better after a long warm up, but sometimes not.  My engine also seems to vibrate a lot, which I can feel through the stick shift whether in neutral or in gear.  I replaced the timing belts a while back and was very careful about all the markers lining up correctly.  The vibration has been present before and since I changed the timing belts.

I want to check the idle air control valve, and see how it runs with the idle air control valve disabled (as I've seen suggested).  This apparently requires me to jump two connections in the diagnostic plug (see attached pic).  However my plug appears to be different than all the diagrams I've seen (see attached pics). 

Can anyone tell me which are the equivalent connectors on my plug, or any other way to disable the IACV?  

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