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944S Oil Consumption

  • 1987
  • 944S
89 700

I have a 1987 944S with the catalytic converter removed, and an aftermarket exhaust resonator. I've noticed a little blue smoke in my exhaust during acceleration between 4500 RPM and redline, and when I checked the oil I found I was low about a 1.2 quarts over a 2.5 month duration (after an oil change) and about 700 miles of spirited driving. Is the rate at which I am burning oil typical? If not, what could be the cause and what is the urgency for me to address it? Last year, I also noticed a little bit of yellow foam in my oil cap, however I switched to 20W50 racing oil with a high zinc content and the foaming has never returned--not sure if that's relevant but thought I'd add as an FYI. Thanks!


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