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944S Timing Belt Intervals

  • 1987
  • 944S

My wife and I are the proud owners of a beautiful 87 944S which we purchased over a year ago. The car has all service records since new. Since owning the car I have read countless articles/opinions on when to change the timing belts and also the cam tensioner/pads. I would like to get a valid answer on when these components actually need to be changed. We drive the car about 4 times a week and have put about 12k miles on it last year. We live in California so there is no rust or any type of rot on the car. The last time the timing belts were changed was at 131k along with all pulleys and water pump. I changed the cam tensioner pads at 147k. They top pad was worn very little and both had no cracks. The tensioner seemed to be working perfectly when I removed it. The car now has 157K miles.

With all that said the confusion I am having is that the Porsche owners manual that came with the car has an admendment added to the section pertaining to the timing belt interval for the "S" model only. It states to change the belts every 45k not 30k. I know that the 944S has a spring belt tensioner and that I read that the belt itself is larger than a 8V 944 belt. Is this the reason for the extended service interval? I tend to believe the manufacturer over some yahoo on the internet since Porsche did engineer, design and build the car. I do every year check the belts for wear and tension. With now 26k on them there is no wear and the tension is good.

This was one of the reasons I joined PCA. To get the correct info.

Thank you


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