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944S2 Transmission Noise on Deceleration

  • 1991
  • 944 S2
118 000
New Jersey

After over 20 years of shifting bliss I was forced to replace the transmission in my S2. I located a used transmission with 60,000 miles from a parting company and my porsche mechanic installed it. While road testing the replacement trans the rubber center on the clutch disintegrated so my mechanic replaced the clutch as well. The car shits up and down through the gears without any drama. Now the problem. When holding a gear and cruising at a steady speed as the transmission loads and unloads between driving the wheels and decelerating (essentially any time when there is no forward driving load on the gears) I hear a rashy gear lash noise. The problem is progressively worse the lower the gear and the hotter the trans temperature. I was told this noise is caused because the rubber center clutch is no longer available so the new clutch is not the same as the old.  My mechanic intalled a different kind of trans oil to try to minimize the noise but it's still there and you can even hear it outside the car. I am writing because it sounds horrible and I am absolutely sick over it. Thanks.

Dan Barus

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