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944S2 Valve Cover Oil Leaks at the Gasket

  • 1991
  • 944 S2
72 000

My cam cover is leaking oil due to failure of the paint in the groove that holds the gasket.  When removing the old gasket I found the seal between the head and the gasket to be clean and dry but the channel in the cam cover that locates the gasket was wet in two spots and there appears to be paint film firmly stuck on the gasket in the corresponding locations (missing from the cam cover).  Similar situation on a couple of the ring seals for the spark plug tubes.  Otherwise the gasket was in very good condition so it appears that oil was making its way "around" the flakes of paint and defeating the gasket.  There are a few bubbles on the exterior surface as well so re-finishing is in order.  While checking for more loose paint in the groove (plastic scraper) it appears the black undercoat is intact.  Were these covers anodized prior to painting or is the black just a primer? 

How best to refinish these - chemical strip or media blast? powder coat or paint?  Other options?







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