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951 Electrical problem after bad thunderstorm-short


Vehicle Information: Year: 1986; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.5, Lindsey Boost Enhancer, chips, Mixture gauge hooked to o2 feed; Total Mileage: 108k;

My car wouldn't start after a bad storm. I had it towed home and found fuse 25 blown(book says heated seats, but I don't have them).When it was wet, the parking and headlight switch would run the wiper in intermittant mode. But that's ok since I dried and cleaned the board.With the ignition on accessory or run, plugging in the "ignition relay x" blows fuse 25 immediately. No relay - no blow. Relay is open until key is turned to accessory or run. The car is dried out and I cleaned the fuse/relay box with relay cleaner. The previous storm found dead battery with fan stuck on. Car would run. Cleaned fuse box and relay. Strange trailer turn signal in fuel guage area was constantly on, even with no key. The next day, everything was OK.When cranking now, no spark from coil. Can fool coil to fire by grounding green wire feeding MSD (Coil Neg.) MSD is not issue. No coil signal, No fuse 25 as soon as turn key.Disconnect DME, KLR, still shorts.Any ideas?

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