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964 3.6 crank dampner and ceramic exhaust port coatings


Vehicle Information: Year: 1990; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.6; Total Mileage: ------;

Steve: I have a 1990 3.6 core engine without the head gaskets that I am building for a twin turbo application in a 914 that I have had for years. I have some questions about the dampner on the crank. According to my research Porsche felt that with the 76.4 stroke they needed a vibration dampner. Can this be removed provided the revs are kept under 8000? My opinion is that this crank is a better choice than the 993 crank because of the larger rod bearing area. I have been told that when they made the GT-3 cup and RSR engines with revs to 8800 they went back to the 964 crank because of the better rod bearing area. Is this true? does that engine have a dampner? The other questions have to do with the 3.6 heads. The ceramic coating is cracking and coming out of the head exhaust port. Can this coating be removed and will the head have enought mass to handle the heat of a twin turbo making 600HP? Should I recoat the exhaust ports with HPC ceramic coating? I have always installed Ni-resist rings in my turbo engines but there does not appear to be much material for that, what is your opinion? I was planning on using GT-2 EVO cams but I have not crunched the numbers yet to see what the revs would be, I want to keep it below 8000. Any recommendations on camshafts? This engine will have Electramotive fuel and ignition management, 8.5 JE pistons that are ceramic coated, Carrillo rods, coated bearings, stainless headers, 2 intercoolers, internally wastegated GT-1 ball bearing turbos, Individual runner intake manifolds with 43MM port size. Any help you can give me would be appreciated. Drew Salter

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