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964 Brake Cooling


Vehicle Information: Year: 1990; Body Type: Cabriolet; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.6L w/ LW Flywheel, LW Exhaust, ECU; Total Mileage: 63,000;

My wife and I recently drove our 964 C4 in back-to-back sessions at a drivers ed. She took the car out first and we would hot-swap drivers in pit lane. By the end of my session, the brakes began to fade. As much as I hate to admit it, I know that rookie drivers like ourselves tend to use too much brake. We get on the brakes earlier and drag them longer than is really necessary building up tremendous heat.My 964 has stock OEM pads and rotors that are in good shape. Im using fresh Super Blue brake fluid and we bled the system before heading to the track. Theres a two-day drivers ed coming up next month at Sebring and I want to be ready. Im planning on ordering a set of Pagid Orange brake pads. Can I use those pads with the stock flat (not drilled or slotted) rotors? I also want to install some sort of brake cooling kit before we head to Sebring. My research has found that the kits fall into two categories. (1) The brake kits that hang underneath the control arms and duct air to rotors. (2) Foglamp replacement systems.The hanging systems seem like they would get torn off the car the moment I put two wheels into the dirt, up on a curb or just by looking at them funny. I think that the fog lamp replacement kits are the way to go. The trouble seems to be the plumbing once you get into the wheel well. Theres just not a lot of room in the 964 wheel well! ....Especially once I put on the track tires! Im afraid the ducting will get chewed up with the wheel anywhere close to full lock. (Yeah, I know that if I find myself at full lock at Sebring, Ive got a lot of other problems! ) Im afraid the air hoses will get crushed at an autocross or just getting into a tight parking space. Furthermore, the foglamp replacement kits Ive seen dont seem complete. Many dont include hoses and none include replacement brake backing plates to duct air into the rotor. Isnt there a proper kit for the 964?How did the 964 cup cars handle brake cooling? Did they use scoops on the lower A-arms or did they duct from the bumper?

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