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964 c4 airbox


Vehicle Information: Year: 1989; Body Type: Select One; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.6; Total Mileage: 116000;

I ordered a C4 cup airbox to replace the stock airbox cover. FVD shipped a cone type with a left elbox turn. That is it would use the 4-bolts to attach to the intake that leads to the throttle body. At first I was skeptical but said I would give it a try.After removing the airbox and noticing that it has 2 supports on the intake manifold and the airbox has what appears to be a air tube running to an air reservoir as part of the airbox, I stopped.Even if I could get an explanation for the hose to the airbox, there would be no support for the cone airfilter nor the air flow sensor that is attached to the throttle body.Do you know of any direct cone replacements for the airbox?I plan on going back to my original request to FVD for the cup airbox.Thanks

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