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964 Carrera 4 Oil Leaks


Vehicle Information: Year: 1990; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 64,000;

Can you please help me understand what causes the number of oil leaks that are reported on this site? My 1990 Carrera 4 (64,000 miles) never leaked until about 8 or 9 months ago. Now it is leaking like a sieve. An independent shop quoted me on the Compete reseal and like the other person who had a similar question on this forum, I was quoted around $ 6000.Can you please explain the fundamental reason why these seals fail so completely? My car now leaks a large amount, with enough leakage to cover the back of the car with droplets. When I drove the car daily, it never leaked. Now that it is an occasional driver, it leaves a puddle. Are the seals made of Viton and do they leak from lack of use?Do the seals fail because of age? Can overfilling the system cause excess pressure, causing a leak? I know that overfilling can cause some oil to escape from the overflow tube. Can you explain how long term a solution a complete reseal may be. The engine has already been out once for the replacement of the dual mass flywheel. I guess that would have been the time to reseal the engine, but it did not leak a drop before or after that repair.Thanks for your help on this perplexing problem.

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