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964 Electrical System Problems

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Vehicle Information: Year: 1993; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): M 64.01, 3.6L, Autothorty Hot wire mass airflow sensor and K&H Cone type air filter + Autothority power chip.; Total Mileage: 71,500;

My 964 is suffering from strange electrical system problems. Sence I bought the car in Oct. 2002 I have noticed the following intermittent electrical problems.1)Sunroof operation intermittent.2)One time the cruse control did not work. Next time I uesd the car it worked OK.3)A Blower motor someware in the front of the car intermittantly turns on and off at ~2 second intervals. This can be stopped by removing relay R14 in the front fuse box. Reacently the heater stopped working properly.With the Temp. control on cold air will come out full force when fan speed is set to max. But if you turn the Temp. control to max hot airflow is greatly reduced. I can only get some hot air as follows.1)Defrost: Temp. max, Fan Max, Lower slide lever full left, upper slide lever full right, and manually close all dashboard vents. This gives me a fair amount of defrost.2)Cabin Heat: Same as above except upper slide lever full left and manually open all dashboard vents. Pressing the defrost switch does nothing.I have so far tried loosening cleaning and re tightening all visible grounding pionts I could find on the car thinking it might ba a ground fault. Has any one experinced similar problems. If so any suggestions.

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