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964 with euro cup clutch and lightweight flywheel

Transmission and Clutch

Vehicle Information: Year: 1990; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): Replacement engine with 993; Total Mileage: 99950;

I am considering purchasing a 1990 964 not local to my place of residence. I had the car inspected by a Porsche dealer near its home. The overall inspection gave the car high marks for appearance and mechanical soundness. The car had an engine replacement done 10k ago with a brand new 993 engine. Near the same time a "Euro sytle cup clutch" was installed with a lightweight flywheel. This occured before the current owner took posession 12 months ago.The Porsche dealer described the operation of the clutch as 'grabbing just off the floor' and difficult to avoid a stall. The owner admitted that it takes some getting used to and that he typically puts the car in neutral when approaching a stop. I plan to use the car mostly for DEs and Autocross. I have a 996 tip cab that I've retired from track duty.As you can probably tell, I haven't yet driven the car. I was considering making the purchase after this inspection and having the car transported to my location. I've never driven a car with this type of clutch setup and don't want to be unpleasently surprised. Does this seem to be typical for a cup clutch and/or lightweight flywheel? Does this description indicate problems or servicing required?Thank you

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