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964 Fan belts light on


Vehicle Information: Year: 1992; Body Type: Cabriolet; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.6; Total Mileage: 72K;

Thank you for your last advice regarding my 964 fan belts warning light was on. I called several dealer shops for the price of the fan belts switch, and they are about $70 plus shipping and handling. While price checking I found some time to remove the switch in my car and found the problem. There are two plastic wheels on the switch, one small one inside the switch holder box and one large one outside the box and which contact one of the fan belt. The small plastic wheel inside the switch holder box was not round, it seems like heat from the engine has melted flat one side. So I made it round again using a few frop of high heat expoxy(two parts-resin and hardner) found at TAP Plastic. After the epoxy has cured I reinstalled the switch back in my car and now my car has returned to normal condition. Since re-rounded the small wheel in the switch box, I have drove the car up and down Monterey coast, 500 miles and the car seems like it back to normal again. It just took me one minute to remove the fan belts swith, 30 second to remove the three screws on the swith box, one minute to put few drops of expoxy on the wheel then let it cure over night. Then it took me about 3 minutes to reinstall the switch back in the car. I have saved some $$$. I was quoted $300 to fix the problem by two of my local porsche dealer shops. I am now ready to change my brake line from original rubber to stainess steel(DOT). Thank you again.

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