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964 Interlock Warning Light

Transmission and Clutch

Vehicle Information: Year: 1990; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 54500;

I've read your previous replies to quations about the interlock warning light, and they were, as always, very helpful. I have a slightly different concern that i would appreciate your advice about.By way of background: the light and warning buzzer almost always come on when the car is frist started after sitting over night, especially in the winter. (based on your earlier replies, I am not worried about this); the brakes were bled and checked by a local Porsche dealer 2 weeeks ago; the reservoir is within normal limits.My specific question is: I did my first DE this past weekend,and the car performed beautifully (better than me), except that when I took some hard left corners, the light and buzzer came on and the light stayed on through the rest of the run. I didn't notice any change in the car's handling. When the engine was turned off after the run and then restarted,the light went out,only to come back on when I took a some hard lefts during the next run. None of the DE instructors or other experienced Porscheophiles there thought it was of any concern.What do you think; need I take it in to be checked, and what questions should I be asking if do.

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