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964 Preventative Maintenance


Vehicle Information: Year: 1990; Body Type: Convertible; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.6L with L/W Flywheel, Autothority Chip, Cone Filter, B&B Sport Exhaust; Total Mileage: 60,000;

My 1990 C4 (60K miles) is my daily driver and weekend autocrosser - so it sees a fair amount of use. (My wife has just begun to autocross it too!) I've taken it to a very reputable Porsche performance shop for some general maintenance. (Brake & Tranny Fluid Flush, Valve Adjustment, Cap, Rotors, Plugs & Wires) Recently the car has developed a pretty substantial leak between one the cylinder barrels and the case. I completely degreased the engine, drove 50 miles and put it up on a lift to find 'substantial' oil running down the case. My mechanic has recommended that we reseal the engine. I've decided to bite the bullet and have the engine dropped and begin the service. Beside the oil leak the car is great shape! It pulls like freight train and never smokes. I've already got a lightweight flywheel and a performance clutch in it. It also has an Autothority performance chip, cone type filter and a B&B sport exhaust.Now that the engine is out, what should a "smart" owner do at this time?We've discussed the following items.....- The valve covers are off already and the gaskets "appear" to be in pretty good shape and we hope that they seal back up nicely.- We're going to replace the head bolts. - We'll take a look at the rear main seal and inspect the throwout bearing- We're going to advance the cam timing for a little more torqueNow that I'm in it neck deep, what else should I consider? I'd like to avoid going through this rather expenseive exercise again anytime soon!

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