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968 Alternator Charging

  • 1992
  • 968
140 000
los angeles, 

I recently bought  a 968 with a charging issue. I am attempting to be a new DIY'er rather than take it to the shop at every issue and although I have poured through the forums i could still use some help. For background, the previous owner made me aware of the issue, said the alternator tested good and that he replaced the positive battery cable. The car has a winter garage charger that allows the car to be run for 30min before dying. When it is running, it is running good. 

My MM shows the Batt voltage is fine at 12.6V but when running drops to 12V and 10.2V under heavy load. There is no significant voltage drop at the battery posts and they are all clean. However from the batt positive to the engine block or the alternator housing i get 12,6V. I disconnected the lead/ground from the alternator and get 0.1V from the batt  positive to the end of the alt lead cable and 0V on the ground, which i believe means there is no significant voltage drop in the wiring harness and that it is good. 

So does that mean the alternator is bad? Or any chance it could be the voltage regulator and can that be replaced without removal of the alternator? Or are there any other tests that i should run to confirm whats going on? 


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