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968 door handle removal

  • 1994
  • 968
110 000

The gaskets on my 1994 968's door handles are crumbling and I need to replace them.  They've almost entirely disintegrated 

  My car has the electric door locks. 

 I've read the repair manual, but I'm having a heckuva time getting these door handles off to replace them.  The manual is not very detailed.

  During Step #4, whatever that clip was attached to fell into the door when it was unclipped.  I cannot located it. 

  In the illustrations below, I'm at step #5.  However, I'm unable to get that deflection lever unclipped.

  The written instructions say "Unclip the deflection lever at door lock inner section"  and "Deflection lever is accessible across door aperture for forced air vent" 

   For the life of me, I cannot locate this end of the deflection lever, even with the inner door panel removed.  There's a beautiful, large, black bracket blocking the view of the rearside of the door handle, and I'm paranoid to remove it... 



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