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968 intermittent gauge problem


Model: 968, Year:1993, Mileage:120,00, Type of use:Street use only
I have searched the database for an answer, there was none. I thought I would wake the hybernating Front Engined Water Cooled Porsche Dragon and ask my question. Here goes "nothin".The fuel and engine coolant temperature gauges do not immediately function when the ambient temperature is cool (please remember, I'm located in very southwestern Arizona so cool may be a relative measure). Cool to me is say under a 100 degrees F. For all intents and purposes cool for this problem means below 65 or 70 degrees F. I have not officially documented the actual temperature when the gauges do not function, but I feel this is an accurate estimate. Magically, when the car has achieved at or near operating temperature, the gauges spring to life and operate correctly. The two guages some times do and sometimes do not spring to life simultaneously, but eventually both guages will begin to operate. I have seen on occassion, the guages springing to life and they literally jump to attention and continue to operate until the vehicle cools again. I do not know the conditions (like time it takes, actual operating temperature, whether I hit a bump or not) when the guages spring to life. Thankfully, for all those around me I am driving attentively rather than driving around dangerously in full diagnostics mode.I have removed the guage assembly to check the connector, to view the circuit board for obvious heat marks, to look for a common circuit line for the two guages or for the presense of a voltage regulating device - to no apparent avail. I have yet to force myself to fully decode and understand the German Electrical Schematic Scheme, I hope you will not require me to do this prior to receiveing some of your valuable guidance. Thanks for any consideration you give to this issue and please don't suggest some quality couch time with a therapist, that's what my race cars are for. Hopelessly water cooled - 250K mile 83 944 wifes daily driver, 120K mile 93 968 my daily driver, 210K mile 94 968 good race parts, 60K mile 88 944 TurboS (silver/rose & plaid) when my wife and I go out, 87 944 SPEC944 for use when my wife has had enough of me being around and two cars I don't fully understand (some odd kind of air cooled 911 and a 914??-just kidding, I have them and understand them-the 2.2 goes into the 914, remember hopeless).Gary

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