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968 vs. Boxster


Vehicle Information: Year: 1998-9;

I am looking to buy either a 968 cab or Boxster, to use as my daily driver. I thought I wanted a 968 (I know it will be much harder to find), having owned a 944 and thoroughly enjoying the car, but a lot of people are telling me that the Boxster would be less expensive to maintain, over the long run, with less frequent and less expensive maintenance (also, no timing belt changes every 30,000 miles). I think I would be happy with either car, but would like to make a smart decision if one is likely to be much more expensive to maintain, than the other. I really don't know a lot about the Boxster, other than basic layout, and would appreciate any insight you could offer. I don't know if salespeople are trying to lead me towards the Boxster, because they have no 968s, or if they are giving me good advice.

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