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968 Will Not Start


Vehicle Information: Year: 1986; Engine (type, size, modifications): Standard Turbo; Total Mileage: 144000;

This problem started a few months ago. While driving the car just shutdown and backfired once. I pulled over turned the key off and started it back up. No problems the remainder of the day. A week later the same thing happened. It started back up with no problem. It wasn't wet nor was I driving the car hard.The car sat for a few weeks and then would not start. I checked the fuel presure and it was good but the fuel presure regulator failed the book test so I replaced it. Still would not start. I did the fuel pump quantity test and the fuel pump only pumped 400cc in 30 sec's. I replaced the pump and filter and it pumped 850cc + in 30 sec's.The car started and I drove it for about 15 min's and it performed flawlessly.I pulled into the driveway and shut it down and came back 30 minutes later and it would not start. Didn't even try. I checked the fuel system and everything is o.k. I removed a plug and I could see wet fuel in the cylinder. I grounded the plug and turned the engine over and got no spark.The coil tested OK. I have had problems in the past with the anti-knock valve. Could this be shuting down my ignition system and if it can, where is it located and how do I check it?

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