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981 Boxster S - Questions about changing rear brake rotors

  • 2014
  • Boxster S
24 000

Now that the 981/991 cars with the electric parking brake have been around for awhile I am hoping someone has an answer to a couple of questions.

I have been studying the 981 WSM and noticed two things on which I would appreciate some input.

1) In order to replace the rear rotors the electronic parking brake must be put in the "service position".  Of course the WSM says to use the PIWIS Tester to do so.  Is there another solution, such as Durametric, or something "onboard" (for example, my Mercedes has a means of doing this using an "onboard" system).

2) The WSM states "When replacing the (rear) brake discs and/or shoes, it is necessary to grind down the brake shoes for the electronic parking brake (EPB). The routine is started using the PIWIS Tester II."  Is this really necessary?  I could possibly see it if the shoes were replaced but if only the rotor is replaced I'm skeptical.  And if necessary, is a tool such as Durametric capable of performing the functions of the PIWIS?

Thanks in advance.

Vince Canepa

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