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981 Metal-to-Metal tapping

  • 2016
  • Cayman
22 000
North Carolina

To provide a setting, I only detected this as I was rolling though a traffic light intersection between two closely set buildings – a distinct tapping.

At 1800RPM>, I get a metal/metal tapping when in neutral w/the clutch out. As I press the clutch in, it proceeds to go away.

The tapping isn’t totally in rhythm w/the RPM of the engine (so far). Does not get louder, just faster (It does sound wildly more expensive as you get beyond 2K-RPM>)

Drives great. No CEL. No loss of performance. Gas mileage about the same.

Dealer is replacing the clutch master 1st as the sound will go away when pressing the clutch in.. Next stop, their suggestion, would be removing the transmission and having a look around.

Dealership service in very good in the communication/quality department, a little slow in hands-on right now, it’s a very busy place..

I’m of the school that is has to do with the VarioTiming (Starting just South of 1800RPM and proceeding North) or, maybe an idler up front.

Heard this before??

Nothing previously posted here when searching...

Any suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks!

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