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986 ABS Pump for Boxster S 2004

  • 2004
  • Boxster S
127 000


My car is a 2004 S with the PSM option. In my search for replacing (what my mechanic believes to be) a faulty ABS pump, I have realized I have some confusion regarding what pump is the correct one to buy. I downloaded the parts catalogue and the part seems to be 986 355 955 42. All of the parts I can find are 986 355 755 XX.

  • My first question is why the difference between 955 and 755?
  • Secondly, there seem to be multiple options for the las two digits (42, 44, etc). Do the last two digits reference an option such as 42 for non-PSM and 44 for PSM? 
  • Lastly (and thank you for hanging in), I bought a used part 986 355 755 44, is this the right part number for the PSM option, if not, what part number is?

Thank you so much for your help. I know you are a volunteer so I sincerly appreciate your time.


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