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986 Boxster, noise during hard cornering

  • 1997
  • Boxster
104 400
East Earl, 

I have a 1997 Boxster that has developed a noise during hard cornering. I only noticed it during autocrossing, but I can duplicate it in a parking lot by driving in a circle at 15 to 20mph. It seems to be related to unweighting the suspension and occurs turning both directions.
The best way to describe it is, it sounds like when the abs brakes pulsate. It has the exact frequency and vibration as you would feel when the abs brakes are active. Only I am on the throttle hard and not the brakes. The noise/vibration is definitely coming from the rear of the car.
I have checked suspension joints, wheel bearings, CV shafts for play on the ground as well as in the air on jack stands.According to the option code sticker the car has an open differential and with the car on jack stands it works like an open differential.
During normal driving this does not occur.
And there is no loss of performance when the noise occurs.
I know it is impossible to diagnose something like this without seeing/hearing the car. But have you ever heard of this before, or have any suggestions what direction to take?
I must have missed something.

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