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986 Gear Select Lever oil leak

  • 2002
  • Boxster S
116 000

2002 Boxster S; I've got oil leakage from the gear selector shafts that exit the transmission on the passenger side.  It appears the seal is available with part number 996-303-517-00.  On many manual transmissions this is a simple job, but I am led to believe that on this transmission the seal can't be replaced from outside; allegedly the case has to be opened up and the seal replaced from inside.  I also understand there's a bronze bushing the shaft rides on that's subject to wear, and this is virtually impossible to replace without machining.  The transmission functions perfectly, I'd just like to eliminate the leak from around the shafts if it's reasonably possible to do so.  As you probably know the fill plug for the transmission oil is lower than the shafts, so oil only reaches the leaking seals when the car is driven and oil is moving around in the case.  So - can the shaft be removed and the seal replaced from outside, or must the transmission come apart?



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